Friday, March 18, 2016

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Today is the first day fishing on Opperman's. I brought my fly rod, spinning rod and my litter picker upper. Now, I am not a great fisherman. It is another activity that allows my mind to wander. That mind comes quickly back into focus if a fish strikes and my only thought is..."Now what!?" As a kid I used to ride my bike to Ridder's Pond on Long Island with a ball of dough wrapped in tin foil, my fishing pole, a PB&J and a Yoo Hoo. Dough seemed to work well for whatever was biting. Yoo Hoo always worked for me. It was still a rustic pond when I first fished there (1965ish) then it was encircled by cement and brick with a pavilion added. Real restrooms, too. Took away some of that "roughing it charm" even though you were only 1 mile from the LIE and shopping centers.

Back to recent times...the day didn't start in an excellent fashion. My 1st cast with the spinning rod ended up with the Rooster Tail in a tree and my 3rd cast with the fly rod ended with my English Pheasant Tail pulled off by a fence. I attribute this to a winter of minimal sportsperson activity as I will later attribute losing many golf balls to the same issue.
Re-tying another Rooster Tail for the spinner and switching to a Beadhead Hare Ear Nymph for the fly rod (I texted this to my friend, Bob, so he could tell me what it was).
Beadhead Hare Ear Nymph
     The luck and my casting abilities improved over the next hour or so. I caught 4 Pumpkinseed Sunfish - 3 with the Hare Nymph, 1 with the Rooster Tail.  Also photographed a Great Blue Heron which is in the background of the blog. Cleaned up a couple of bottles - good day.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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So this is how it begins...
The Pond in Question

A Look Up Pond

Souvenirs from Visitors

Little Reflection on the Pond

Crayfish on Duty  

Two Snapping Turtles Enjoying the View 

One Day's Roundup

Gift Wrapped

Objects may be smaller than they appear