Monday, February 6, 2017

Post 16: January Storm Surge

The, so far, only nor'easter came through on January 26th with lots of rain. So in honor of that it was time to check the water levels at OP and introduce Scout to her 1st clean-up visit. Usually Scout's visit to the pond is a scoping exercise - she sniffs while I take note of things I want to do on a later, solo visit. It's time this pup earned her keep!
The first thing I wanted was to compare was how much the rain impacted the water level at the pond. After a very dry summer, autumn and winter 2016 the pond's banks were widening. On a positive note, this gave me the opportunity to clean up hidden debris but at the same time the pond was giving up some life as I found dead fish for the 1st time (no photo out of respect for the next of fin).
August 2016
January 2017
 Now, I know the perspective in the photos from August 2016 and January 2017 isn't great so trust me - the water level is higher than it was. So...better!

As we patrolled OP, we encountered a pretty big Snapping Turtle that was awakened from hibernation. It was no Punxsutawney Phil but there is no global warming (heh, heh) - either way it didn't look happy.  Even for a Snapper.
Opperman Olaf
Scout after seeing Olaf
  ...I think future clean ups will be solo adventures.