Tuesday, May 17, 2016


May 14, 2016: So much to say...I almost forgot to tell you about the rest of my trash booty. I found a boot. Really a galosh which I presume is the singular for galoshes. This was truly a banner day for trash. The gift of a garbage can flung at the pond, a size 12 galosh and a bag of trash. I have to admit it is getting more difficult to fill an entire kitchen-size trash bag - which is excellent! Thank you for not littering!
So Many Deposit Opportunities and a Galosh
You'll also notice (if you've been keeping track of the receptacle situation at the pond - as I'm sure you have), we now have a recycle bin! It'll cost me a couple of nickels but all for a good cause.
Also, if you have a single size 12 galosh at home let me know. We can reunite them and make them galoshes once again.      
I don't want to seem ungrateful for the trash can gift from the people of Pleasantville or from the students coming back from Foley's. Yet, I truly felt I could not take it home with me. The main reason was it already came with trash. Even though; "one man's trash, is another's treasure," I don't think the person who said that actually had this trash in mind. Thank you Mt. Pleasant Crew for keeping it clean!  
Fret not, the can has a home.  I added the lock and wire today. Not that I don't trust but it looks like it would float.
Nice Can 

Post 6

May 14: It was a foggy sunrise on the pond today. So I enjoyed my coffee and let the day unfold. OK. So much for that...time to go to the pond and see what's in store.  
Seeing Fog through the Trees  
I took the long walk to the pond with garbage bag and picker-upper in hand. The usual suspects were around - Fritos bags, Starbucks cups, White Owl wrappers, Gatorade bottles, Slurpee Big Gulp cups and Beef Jerky wrappers. Now, Opperman's Pond is in the suburbs. It's not as if this is "The Revenant" - so who eats beef jerky in the suburbs? I can see a Slim Jim - you got hungry after pumping your own gas. Jerky seems a little hardcore for a town named, Pleasantville. Now this was a big day in terms of trash. I actually found a trash can that was thrown down to the pond.
A Gift for the Pond Keeper
Since I always see the best in people, my guess is people felt bad for your Ol' Pond Keeper and left me a gift. Thank you!  The pond was busy. A nice gent reading his book (yes, made of paper!), another person fishing and a man walking his dog named, Skippy. Pond Keeper had a smile and greeting for all which was met with suspicion and discomfort. I need to work on a less painful looking smile. Then Skippy and the man came running to me excited to show me a video he just took on the other side of the pond. It was of a fish at least 18 inches long with a dorsal fin and tail fin breaking the surface. Pond shark!  I did not fish that day.       

Post 5

April 29, 2016: I had the chance to "walk the pond" with Steve the head of Mt. Pleasant Parks and Recreation. A really nice guy who went to Paul Smith's College in the Adirondacks. I asked about some of the trees that were cut down and if they could be cut into disks and used as stepping "stones" near the bridge. He said, "yes" so I'm awaiting the sound of chainsaws to begin building the path.     
My electric chainsaw (i.e. electric carving knife) can't cut it