Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Post 13 - Nov. 10, 2016

Scout and I paid a visit to OP because it was a beautiful autumn day and it was after Halloween so we wanted to check if any mayhem ensued.
Scout supervising the work
The OP was in fairly good shape from a trash standpoint - not perfect and we weren't fully equipped to grab some of the trash strategically thrown out of reach. It always amazes me when at least 50% of the trash we pick up is from Starbuck's. Now...I know Schultz is not littering OP personally but you would think, or at least I think, that the corporate position of fair trade and sustainability would rub-off on Starbuck's customers. Maybe...recycle? No...the big controversy for Starbuck's customers is whether or not they will have the red cups for the holidays. Scout and I look forward to some new and colorful trash this December.      
The other discovery we had was one of the wooden discs was thrown in the pond.The intention was a better path through the wetlands for everyone. Sadly...I wondered when this would happen. It took 2 months.        
Disc in the pond - well the mud of it 
I have more discs so I can (and did) replace it. The idea that this was fun or a feat of strength by someone baffles me. I presume it was done by the same people that won't walk 20 feet to place a Starbuck's cup in the trash can. This is everyone's pond and it is having a tough year because of the drought. The fish are stressed (my friend mentioned they get stressed - I feel you fish), the turtles are lying low, the geese and ducks haven't headed south and the Blue Heron remains stoic. All this really neat stuff in our neighborhood, so how about a little cleaning up after ourselves. FYI - fish, birds and turtles DON'T have opposable thumbs! It's not their fault they can't pick up after you.  
Scout's reward for supervising me was a trip to the Pleasantville Dog Park. This is our 2nd visit and we have never met another dog. Is it us? Oh...and this is one place we won't clean up other people's stuff .
Hello...it's me

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