Tuesday, December 13, 2016

13: Beat the Polar Vortex

I've paid a few visits to OP since the last post and usually these have been with Scout. She's a great fan of the pond but it is not easy to clean-up a pond and a pup. So that day the focus was on Scout. This morning Al Roker said a Polar Vortex is on its way and I trust Al...so today was the day to get at it!
Me and Al...comparing vortexes
Ice is forming...Bintanic!
 Upon arrival at OP I was met with the recycle bin thrown into the pond. This is the 2nd time and is as mystifying as the first time. It takes a lot of work to throw a big bin several feet into the pond and I'm sure the pleasure is fleeting - lift, throw, splash ... Yippeee! Yawn. Let's go to Starbucks but first let's sip out of my water bottle...
...oh sorry...I recycled it
Sure...cat people
Safety first
 Picked up some trash in the usual walk about the pond. Ice was forming around the edge. Pond Keeper doesn't let a little thin ice stop him - safety precautions were all around and the water was ankle deep. The recycling bin rescue was accomplished with very little fuss - which is surprising because there was opportunity for fuss. As the vortex approaches the pond will get even more use as the ice skaters and hockey games begin. Opperman's Pond remains a little local treasure.
Maybe next time!
Mission accomplished

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