Tuesday, March 7, 2017

17: Lots of Wind

Scout and I were on our way to the gas station to fill up the car before heading north for the Adirondacks. We drove past OP as we do and saw that the recycle bin had blown over with bottles and cans strewn about. My initial reaction was keep on going, fill the car and get on the road for the 3 1/2 hour drive. My conscience got the best of me, so after filling up we turned around, went home to get Pond Keeper tools and returned to OP. The main reason we delayed our trip and conducted a pond-side intervention was to prevent the material from being blown into the pond - a water rescue is always more complicated.  
High winds tossing more Starbuck's cups
around than free trade beans in a roaster  
Oh! The humanity! 

Easy clean up...sorry for the drama
 After the clean-up, Scout and I took a stroll around the pond and managed to fill a small Home Depot shopping bag with artes' de garbage. We ran into Andy (human) and Lucy (dog) from the neighborhood also on an OP stroll. Lucy and Scout conducted a back-end hello...Andy and I said, "Hi." He mentioned he usually walks the pond with a 35 gallon trash bag while disdainfully eye-balling my paltry bag-ette. I said, "Excellent! The pond is looking really good." Andy said, "You're welcome," and removed Lucy from Scout's nether regions to continue their walk.
It was a good quick stop and we saw our 1st Painted Turtle getting some sun which, as you know, turtles are a good sign of pond health! Now we were a little later getting on the road but felt good about why were delayed.  As we got back in the car, Scout's gaze said to me; "My Human, you are a good person." I said to Scout, "Puppy Girl, I'm only an OK human but I am an excellent Pond Keeper." Scout also said, "NO WAY is Andy cleaning the pond!"  Me, "We'll see."  Scout's a bit of a hothead.        
1st Painted Turtle sighting!

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