Tuesday, March 28, 2017

18: Mud Season and 1 Year Anniversary

March 23rd 
Last year around this time, we began our journey as Pond Keeper. That 1st Post had crayfish, turtles and a general feeling of new life. This year it was only one week ago that OP was still surrounded by snow. Now it is surrounded by mud. So it was time to check out how things look after they've been thawed and for any signs of life.
From a distance we were excited to see what appeared to be a huge snapping turtle swimming close to shore. As we got closer, we realized it was another sign of Springtime...the throwing of the garbage pail into the pond.  If you've been following On Opperman's Pond, you'll recall (basically meaning I recall) that I've caught more garbage pails than fish. I will wait until it gets a little warmer before I wade in to get this one...unless someone else gets to it first. Which would be OK with me.    
The only other signs of life were the ever-present Canadian geese. They are always here! I've never seen one in Canada...are they really Canadian?
Anyway...a little trash pick-up, sadly some dead fish and the effects of the freeze/thaw cycle on the wood stepping circles. It blew the bark right off! Pretty cool.  
March 28th
The OP Monster
Blown off bark 
What makes them so Canadian?
They aren't clean or polite

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