Tuesday, May 17, 2016


May 14, 2016: So much to say...I almost forgot to tell you about the rest of my trash booty. I found a boot. Really a galosh which I presume is the singular for galoshes. This was truly a banner day for trash. The gift of a garbage can flung at the pond, a size 12 galosh and a bag of trash. I have to admit it is getting more difficult to fill an entire kitchen-size trash bag - which is excellent! Thank you for not littering!
So Many Deposit Opportunities and a Galosh
You'll also notice (if you've been keeping track of the receptacle situation at the pond - as I'm sure you have), we now have a recycle bin! It'll cost me a couple of nickels but all for a good cause.
Also, if you have a single size 12 galosh at home let me know. We can reunite them and make them galoshes once again.      
I don't want to seem ungrateful for the trash can gift from the people of Pleasantville or from the students coming back from Foley's. Yet, I truly felt I could not take it home with me. The main reason was it already came with trash. Even though; "one man's trash, is another's treasure," I don't think the person who said that actually had this trash in mind. Thank you Mt. Pleasant Crew for keeping it clean!  
Fret not, the can has a home.  I added the lock and wire today. Not that I don't trust but it looks like it would float.
Nice Can 

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