Friday, May 26, 2017

20: The Monster Fish of OP

I guess the monthly posting cycle continues but that doesn't mean things have slowed down at OP. I'm getting ready to install phase 2 of the walkway over the muddy part of the path. This winter really did a number on our discs so we have a new solution!  I refurbished parts of my old dock which were replaced a couple of years ago. I replaced the old pieces because they were very splintery for bare feet but thought I could use them for other things (i.e. I made a picnic table out of one - actually it's an extra large table for holding drinks while playing corn hole, wiffle ball or frisbee). Don't judge me.
Refurbished dock ready to go!
  The weather has not cooperated for the installation and then my SUV's rear driver's side suspension dropped off (cudos to Honda - no cost and thankfully it happened when I was alone on a slow turn. Negative cudos to Honda - my freaking suspension fell off!).
However, wildlife abounds at OP.
I had heard the rumor of a 40 pound carp patrolling the pond. Back on April 30th when Scout and I were on our late afternoon walk, we took the video below. I was very excited and saw a Dad and his son fishing on the opposite side of the pond. I asked, "Did you guys ever hear about or see the giant carp of Opperman's Pond?" The Dad, very knowingly, said; "Yeah...I seen it." The throw-away attitude kind of took away the excitement of wanting to show them my video. Then the Kid said; "Hey Dad! You caught it once...right!?" Dad, somewhat deflated, replied; "Nope."   And then they walked away without looking at my video.    

 There have been more families at the pond on nice days which is great to see and the amount of excess trash (I suppose it is excess because it is not placed in the bins) has reduced dramatically! I can barely fill a standard sized grocery store bag when I used to fill an entire 30 gallon trash bag. Progress!    Next time: the tale of the new walkway...
Families enjoying OP on a beautiful day 
1st catch Blue Gill...always a barbless hook
for easy release

Gillie school

Ever the watchful turtle


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