Tuesday, June 20, 2017

21: A New Path

It's been a very wet Spring which had slowed the process of installing the refurbished dock as a raised path through the wetlands at OP. The area we refurbished was a mess. People used whatever wood and rocks they found to try and make it passable but it is a major runoff point to the pond and borders one of the natural springs (yes! there are actually 2) that feed the pond.  
Replacing this 
SUV packed and ready to go
I bought river stones at Home Depot to bring to the pond - as if there weren't enough rocks. I mean where else do you go for river stones - why look around a pond?  Also picked up landscape fabric. So the foundation underneath the path is landscaper fabric, river stones and mulch. The mulch was already at OP so I used it.    
It was a mucky job, clearing, digging, regrading, then layering the fabric, stones and mulch. Scout opted out of this adventure.
Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out.
Scout watching from a cool, safe distance
...smart pup 
I've been back to check a couple of times and the drainage is working and the discs used to hold the decking are still in place. Even after yesterday's heavy thunderstorms - all appear sound. Until next time...keep your pond clean
Not exactly level...
we'll let nature do a little work 

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