Thursday, April 21, 2016

Post 4

Greetings Pond Keeper Followers!
I haven't been down to the pond in a couple of weeks but I look down to it every day. The beautiful Spring weather has brought out lots of families and picnickers. Here a 2 looks at Opperman's from what I believe to be the same vantage point - just 100 years apart.
Note the ice was used for lemonade or whiskey. I think all 3 found themselves together at times

Photo is scanned from the Images of America series  Mount Pleasant by G. Waterbury, C. Waterbury and B. Ruiz. Published by Arcadia Publishing  

Note the stone column in both photos. If it's not the exact same vantage, it is close enough for Pond Keeper!

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  1. The Pleasantville Garden Club, Pace Students, and Steve Mott will be collaborating on helping the pond this Saturday, 10/14/17, Day to Make a Difference, at 11:00-1:30.

    Love to have your input, Rob.