Friday, April 1, 2016

Post 3

I went down to the pond yesterday with 2 things in mind: 1) Test a fly-rod reel on a mini-rod and 2) See if the original garbage clean up had a lasting impact.
OK. The test of the fly and fly reel on a mini-rod wasn't very successful. It was pretty easy to cast in tight places but couldn't get any action on the fly.
The fish gave it a couple of looks and then gave me the fish finger - I don't mean Mrs Paul's.
Mini-rod and fly reel, noble failure
The pond, in general, was pretty clean. This time I could only fill a grocery store bag. was filling a bag of garbage after filling two 32-gallon trash bags a couple of weeks ago.
Smaller but come on people!
Lots of Dorito and chips bags (I guess they get heavier when they're empty and can't be carried to the trash bin) and White Owl Cigar wrappers - mango flavored?! Plus the assorted bottles, cans and condoms. Oh, my.
Still the turtles didn't seem to mind. It was a beautiful day and they were out sunning themselves.  For some reason, knowing that turtles live in my neighborhood makes me smile. I may have to speak to someone about that.
Overheard: Turtle 1; " move!" Turtle 2; "I am!" 
    Pretty soon I'll be out on the kayak.      

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