Monday, June 27, 2016

Post 8

The weather has been great and the pond has seen a lot of activity - which is excellent! I let the weekend pass and thought Monday would be a good day to walk the pond and collect leftovers. I am happy to say most of the debris collected is old because the water level is low and not due to new additions. People even used the garbage bin that I found and placed near the bench. There were a few gems - the other size 11 galosh (see Post 6a), a can of corn (who eats corn at a pond?), a 3/4 full bottle of Fanta orange (who drinks orange soda? answer: no one at this pond!), a cone and a winter glove (I'm sure some kid caught some stick from his parents on that one). I didn't take Scout on a clean-up run - too many interesting things (galosh, gloves and corn). We visited last week for a walk around. Minimal new wildlife, usual suspects abound - turtles, pumpkin seed sunnies, snappers. Encountered a Bull Frog. I presume it is a Bull Frog because it was big and, frankly, pretty ugly. Don't get me wrong - I am NOT a frog hater. Yet, you have to admit, they did get the short end of looks in amphibian world. All those fairy tales can't be wrong. Thanks everyone for reading and, more importantly, keeping your Opperman clean!
Pop quiz: can you guess which is the hardest and which is the easiest trash item to spot (hint: none of them are a Kardashian).      
Alpha Frog at Opperman's
Scout on Opperman's Beach

New bin in use - and yes, weird to photograph trash 

Really? Corn? And you were not feeding ducks  

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