Thursday, August 4, 2016

Post 9

Scout and I were getting ready to place the log disks for a new path when I decided, she agreed, that we should just take a stroll around the pond to see the state it is in. Well...we didn't start the path because the low water level revealed a whole new clean-up opportunity!
My picker-upper would have
 been underwater 2 months ago
Scout anxious to get started
on the path. I think she needs
a sports bra for this type of work 
   I took Scout home, grabbed my boots, my picker-upper, gloves, trash bag and headed back to OP.  Overall it was a messy, mucky day but it didn't smell too bad. Most of the trash I collected was uncovered by the lower water level so it was really good to see that more and more visitors are either taking their trash away or using the trash/recycling bins.
I always find items of interest. This time some party balloons either floated into the pond or there is even more nightlife than the empty bottles, cans and wrappers indicate. My original thought was to walk out and grab them but three steps in, my petite dancer's feet sank about 8 inches into the muck. I didn't want to add to the galosh count.     
My 1st thought was the turtles had some shell work done 
Opperman's Pond must have been on the "Meet Here In Case of Apocalypse" list. Another CAN of CORN (see Post 8)! This time UNopened...if I find another I'll know where to case   
Apparently, it's not all  Busch Light and Slurpees...'s also large Canadian Night
 Crawlers. You know who you are! 

Finding the top of a trash bin as part of the trash is special. Can't wait to find the bottom...and possibly Jimmy Hoffa. Notice the place of honor for the can of corn. Answers to Post 8 quiz: Hardest = brown bottles because they match the water. Green is a good 2nd guess because they match the algae. Easiest = Bic lighters because they are neon colors 

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