Tuesday, September 12, 2017

22: Pond Keeping is Contagious!

Greetings OP Fans! It has been a little while since I've posted but it doesn't mean things haven't been happening at the pond. In late Spring we had a tree fall across the path and our good friend, Steve at Mt. Pleasant Parks and Recreation answered the request to cut more disks. So!!!!! what happens next??? Another Pond Keeper made a path with the disks! Scout and I were blown away in a good way that other people were taking an interest in making the OP better.  
Fallen Tree
Sorry tree but you fell 
Scout on a new path!

 This was excellent news and then...and then...Steve and Matt (self-proclaimed "best looking guys in the office")  from the Highway Department fix the crumbling culvert that drains OP into the Saw Mill River which I suppose is named after the parkway.  

Steve and Matt fixing the culvert to the
Saw Mill River!

Who throws a pane of glass away
at a pond? And misses the garbage pail? 
And then there is still a little clean-up required such as a shattered pane of glass, assorted beer cans, articles of clothing and assorted other items if you were interested forensics.
Two strange items; an MVP hockey puck and a rock with a painting of a fence and dog house. Why and how these are forgotten...makes me wonder...were all the other hockey players really bad so the MVP award is a dubious achievement...and does the other kid paint so many rocks that one more or less won't make a difference and they keep falling off the fridge anyway.        
Found this...maybe next season! 
....maybe next season, too!
Rock art left at the pond

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  1. Used to live on Foshay Ave. (up Locust Rd.) about 1947-1957. Saw Mickey Mantle film a milk commercial at the edge of Opperman's Pond, perhaps in the mid '50s. The Mick took a swig from a glass quart, for the camera, but spit it out on the ground. I kid you not! I hear milk was not his drink. ^_^ The little kids said, "Ooooooooooh". >_<