Tuesday, September 12, 2017

On Opperman's Pond : 22: Pond Keeping is Contagious!

On Opperman's Pond : 22: Pond Keeping is Contagious!: Greetings OP Fans! It has been a little while since I've posted but it doesn't mean things haven't been happening at the pond. I...


  1. Hi Rob. My Name is Kip Opperman and I live in Ithaca, NY. MY brother found your blog and shared it with me. I have visited both this blog as well as the OP Facebook page. As you can see my last name is Opperman. I am fascinated by Opperman's Pond and wonder if you have info on the history of the pond (i.e., who its named after) or who I might contact to find out more about OP. My email address is: kipopp@twcny.rr.com Thanks!

    1. Hi Kip! Thanks for reading the blog. I've tried to find more about OP...especially since on Google maps it appears as Lake Pleasant! So far, no luck on when or for whom it was named Opperman's. I will continue the search and keep you posted. Cheers! Rob